Inroduction to Romans


Romans speaks to us. Each of us. Regardless of our circumstance or stage of life, God is speaking through this powerful book of the Bible. Romans is perhaps the most well known and influential of Paul’s letters. It remains today the fullest and clearest articulation of Paul’s theology—God’s righteousness is revealed to the Jew and Greek through the gospel of Jesus Christ, from faith and for faith. Writing for several reasons, Paul first reminded the Roman church of the fundamentals of the gospel, later called the church to be unified, and then encouraged these Roman churches to support his church planting efforts as he made plans to take the gospel to Spain.


As Crosspoint continues its series in Romans, we invite you to join us—not only on Sunday mornings—but also in diving deep into the richness of God’s Word in your homes. Are you seeking God? Are you struggling to find contentment in this life? Are you still sorting your worldview? Let’s go to Romans—together.

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Study Guide


  1. Who wrote this book and to whom was it written?
  2. How is it written? (literary genre and style)
  3. What has happened so far in the book? What has the author already said?
  4. Why do you think this book or section of the book was written?


  1. Are there any major sub-sections or breaks in the text?
  2. What words or ideas are repeated?
  3. What verbs are used?
  4. What is the main point or points?
  5. Is there anything surprising or confusing in the passage?


  1. How does this passage relate to other parts of the book?
  2. How does this passage relate to the gospel?
  3. How does this passage relate to the Great Commission?
  4. What message did the author want to convey to the original audience? 
(hint: remember context, themes, and motives)
  5. How might someone easily misinterpret this passage?
  6. How can we relate the author’s original message to our 21st century context?


  1. Who do you relate to most in this passage?
  2. What are commands to obey and sins to avoid/repent of in this passage?
  3. What does this passage teach me about God’s character?
  4. What does this passage teach me about my character?
  5. What should I do in response?


“Knowing that God is ___________ shows me I am ______________.

Therefore, I will _____________.”


8/21/16 |  The Gospel of God

Romans 1:1-5


8/28/16 | We Belong to Jesus and Each Other

Romans 1:6-13


9/4/16 | The Power of God for Salvation

Romans 1:14-17


9/11/16 | God’s Wrath Revealed

Romans 1:18-20


9/18/16 | Misplaced Worship (Part I)

Romans 1:21-25


9/25/16 | Misplaced Worship (Part II)

Romans 1:24-27


10/2/16 | Misplaced Worship (Part III)

Romans 1:28-32


10/9/16 | A Warning to the Self-Righteous

Romans 2:1-5


10/16/16 | God Will Judge Everyone According to His Work

Romans 2:6-11


10/23/16 | God Will Judge the Secrets of All People Through Jesus

Romans 2:12-16


10/30/16 | Glorify God by Practicing What You Profess

Romans 2:17-29


11/6/16 | God’s Righteousness

Romans 3:1-20

2/12/17 |  Your Greatest Problem – And God’s Solution to It

Romans 3:21-31


2/19/17 | God Justifies the Ungodly

Romans 4:1-8


2/26/17 | Faith in Almighty God (Part I)

Romans 4:9-25


3/5/17 | Faith in Almighty God (Part II)

Romans 4:9-25


3/12/17 | Rejoice in the Blessing of Justification (Part I)

Romans 5:1-5


3/19/17 | Rejoice in the Blessing of Justification (Part II)

Romans 5:1-11


3/26/17 | Jesus is the Greater and Better Adam

Romans 5:12-21

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