God has deeply blessed Crosspoint and placed us in a position of tremendous potential and responsibility for the years ahead. We are trusting the Lord will continue to grow our church, but also deepen our disciple-making impact. Our desire is not to be a comfort-driven megachurch. Rather, we want to be good stewards of this property and to maximize it for training and sending.

How God Has Provided

Turning the Page

While Crosspoint has been faithfully paying off the mortgage balance, the need has been made very apparent that as we share our space with two active tenants, the opportunity to maximize our facility for mission is within reach. Through the gracious gifts of a few families, Crosspoint mortgage balance was brought under $500k.

1019 Tiger Blvd

Amidst a poor economy, being only a 3-year-old church, and seeing no sufficient meeting space in Clemson for our rapidly growing congregation, God graciously answered prayers by providing Crosspoint’s first permanent (and current) facility on Highway 123 for $1.75 million. This was a clear sign of God’s providence in planting Crosspoint Church. Over the next 9 years, members and friends of Crosspoint generously gave toward debt reduction and large-scale maintenance projects (additional $250k), totaling $1.4 million.


Crosspoint moved to the “BOMB” (Big Old Methodist Building) in downtown Clemson for the next two years.


Crosspoint moved to Tillman Hall for a year as the church continued to grow.

Clemson House

Crosspoint moved from the BCM building to the Clemson House, where we would meet until summer of 2006.


God brought 36 people together for the very first gathering of Crosspoint Church, which was held in the Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) building at Clemson University.

Preparing to Plant

Ken Lewis, Jeremy Chasteen, Mark Welborn and their families moved to Clemson in hopes of planting a healthy church.