This past Sunday, Pastor Ken preached on Psalm 25, and we saw that the quest for God’s guidance must be a quest for intimacy with God. We attain this intimacy through trusting God, desiring God, confessing sin, humbling ourselves, obeying God, and fearing God.

Read: Psalm 95

This coming Lord’s Day, Ronnie Morris will preach from Psalm 95 in continuation with our series in the Psalms. Through this psalm, we will be reminded that true worship is lived out in community, joyful, submissive to God, and finds its full expression in obedience to his voice. When we submit to God, we yield ourselves to His command, and in effect say, “Your will be done, and not my own”; we kneel. In reflecting on this passage, let this devotional by Timothy Keller stir you to humble yourself before the Lord in submission to His will.

Reflect & Pray

Kneel Down.

[A critical] element of worship is confession of our sin and need. Let us bow down in humility to God the Redeemer (Psalm 95:6-7). In contrast to the exuberance of [Psalm 95:1-5], which fits with the postures of standing or even dancing, each of the three verbs in verse 6 have to do with getting low before God, since the Hebrew word for “worship” here literally means to prostrate oneself. We are to bow reverently, to kneel humbly before God, admitting our sinfulness and dependence. While adoration comes from seeing a God of glory, submission comes from seeing a God of grace, one who is our covenant God, who redeemed us and brought us as sheep into his fold (verse 7).

Prayer: Lord, I confess the blindness of my understanding, the stubbornness of my will, the foolishness of my thought life, and the addiction of my heart to things of this world. “False and full of sin I am; Thou art full of truth and grace.” Without that grace I am lost. I praise you that in Christ your grace abounds to me. Amen.

 The Songs of Jesus (8/24) by Timothy Keller

Sing: Song List for Sunday

1.“This I Believe,” arr. by Shane & Shane
2.“Man of Sorrows,” by Hillsong Music
3.“Great Is Thy Faithfulness,” arr. by Shane & Shane
4.“Exalted Over All,” by Vertical Worship
5.“Great Are You Lord,” arr. by Shane & Shane


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