Monthly Mission Challenge


For the month of November, we’re challenging you to share your story and Jesus’ story with one person who you know doesn’t know Christ. Continue to pray for them in the same way we prayed during October, and now take the step by faith to boldly proclaim the gospel to them. Let’s believe God can save them according to his will as we are faithful to proclaim!


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We exist to make disciples of all people for God’s glory. One of our core values is 
Sending Advances the Gospel.  One of the ways we pursue and live out this core value is through our short-term mission trips. 


Every year we have the opportunity to go on a number of short-term mission trips through the church. Whether you go by yourself, with your family or with your Small Group, these trips are a great opportunity to bring the good news of the gospel to the nations.


For those interested in going on a short-term trip, we ask that you follow the guidelines below:

1) You must be able to attend team meetings.

2) You must be responsible for total cost of trip.

3) You must be a regular attendee of Crosspoint Church, unless special circumstances apply. Covenant Membership is not required; however, members may be given preference in the selection process when spots are limited.


To apply for a short-term mission trip, fill out the application via the button below:



In connection with the IMB, we work with two separate teams located in Northern and Central India. The objective is to make disciples and establish churches to reach the millions of lost people in each area. Stay tuned for upcoming India trips.

We’ll be headed to India during Spring Break as well. Check out the Spring Break section below for more information.

Our Partnership

We partner with Plant Prague, a team of church planters, students, professionals, and retirees working together to love God, love others, and teach others to do the same.
Learn more.  



In connection with the IMB, we work with a team serving in several districts around Prague. The objective is to make disciples and establish churches to reach the many lost people. Stay tuned for upcoming Prague trips.

We’ll be headed to Prague during Spring Break as well. Check out the Spring Break section below for more information.



During the week of Clemson’s Spring Break, we send teams to state-wide, national, and international locations. Our trips consist of a variety of styles, ranging from disaster-relief, evangelism, aiding church plants, and an International-Student trip. These trips provide an opportunity for short-term missions to advance the gospel.


Below is the list of spring break trips for 2018. Apply for them here!


India (March 15-24): We will serve alongside of our missionaries and national pastors to see disciples made and churches planted. We will participate in leadership training to be equipped both for India and at home. Cost: $1300 $1000


Prague (March 17-24): We will serve alongside our missionaries and national believers. We will host a baseball camp for the week,  give out coffee and tea, and have opportunities for evangelism. Cost: $1600 $1000


Puerto Rico (March 17-24): In partnership with NAMB, we will be serving those affected by recent natural disasters. This is a great opportunity to do disaster relief and be light to the people affected. Cost: $850 $500 


Miami (March 17-23): We will be serving alongside Providence Road in Miami. There will be opportunities to share the gospel with college students and other service projects. Cost: $450 $200 


Atlanta (March 17-20): We will be serving alongside Parkside Church. This is a brand new church plant with tons of opportunity to love and serve their community. We will have opportunities to prayer walk, share the gospel, and love on community members. Cost: $250 $100


Clemson (March 17-24): Over Spring Break, the city of Clemson is looking for volunteers to help with rebuilding Abernathy Park. There are daily opportunities to serve with community members in loving our city.