Trusting in God’s Power

Last Sunday, Pastor Jason preached from Revelation 20:11-21:8 and showed that God will be glorified in bringing final retribution in hell and perfect restoration in the new heaven and new earth.

Read: John 10:27-30

This Sunday, Joel Smith will preach from John 10:27-30 and will encourage us with this truth: God graciously preserves his people, therefore rest in Christ and run the race with confidence. In preparation for gathering this Sunday, be encouraged by this devotional from John MacArthur.

Reflect: “Trusting in God’s Power”

“I pray that … you may know … the surpassing greatness of [God’s] power toward us who believe” (Eph. 1:18–19).


The same divine power that created, sustains, and controls the universe secures your salvation.

God’s power is awesome! David wrote, “Thine, O Lord, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty, indeed everything that is in the heavens and the earth; Thine is the dominion, O Lord, and Thou dost exalt Thyself as head over all. Both riches and honor come from Thee, and Thou dost rule over all, and in Thy hand is power and might; and it lies in Thy hand to make great, and to strengthen everyone. Now therefore, our God, we thank Thee, and praise Thy glorious name” (1 Chron. 29:11–13).

In Ephesians 1:19 Paul focuses on one key feature of God’s power: His ability to secure the salvation of His people. And he prays for you to understand the surpassing greatness of that truth.

The Greek word translated “power” is dunamis, from which we get dynamite and dynamo. This power is active, dynamic, and compelling—and it is mightily at work on your behalf. You might not always sense it, but it’s there nonetheless.

Peter expresses the same thought in 1 Peter 1:5, where he says you are “protected by the power of God through faith” in Christ. In that verse “protected” means “to keep or guard” and reflects Peter’s confidence that salvation is inviolable.

The same limitless power that created, sustains, and controls the universe saved you and keeps you saved. That’s why Jesus said no one can snatch you out of the Father’s hand (John 10:29). Not even Satan has the power to do that. Paul confidently added that nothing therefore can separate you from God’s love (Rom. 8:38–39). That’s the confidence you should have as you live each day.


Suggestions for Prayer:  Pray for greater spiritual enlightenment and a clearer understanding of your security in Christ. ✧ Nothing will rob you of your assurance quicker than unconfessed sin. If that has happened to you, confess it immediately and turn from it. Then ask God to restore to you the joy of your salvation.

For Further Study: Read 1 Chronicles 29:11–13. ✧ What prerogatives did David attribute to God (vv. 11–12)? ✧ What was David’s response to God’s power (v. 13)?

“Trusting in God’s Power,” January 27th Devotional, in Drawing Near, by John MacArthur.

Sing: Song List for Sunday

1. “Worthy of More,” by Austin Stone Worship
2. “Lamb of God,” by Vertical Worship
3. “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God,” Arr. Matt Boswell
4. “In Christ Alone,” Arr. Passion