Christ, Our Life

Read: Colossians 3:1-17

Last Sunday, Pastor Ken preached from 1 Peter 1:3-5, where we learned about five undeniable evidences of new birth in the Christian’s life: 1) A life of worship. 2) A life of hope. 3) A life with purpose. 4) A life of refining. 5) A life of love and joy. This Sunday, Ken will preach from Colossians 3:1-17, where we will consider further what it means to live the Christian life. As you prepare your hearts for our corporate gathering, let these words from Charles Spurgeon encourage and remind you of your identity in Christ.

Heart Preparation

“Christ who is your life.” — Colossians 3:4

Paul’s marvelously rich expression indicates that Christ is the source of our life. You has He quickened who “were dead in . . . trespasses and sins.” The same voice that brought Lazarus out of the tomb raised us to newness of life. He is now the substance of our spiritual life. It is by His life that we live; He is in us, the hope of glory, the spring of our actions, the central thought that moves every other thought.

Christ is the sustenance of our life. What can the Christian feed upon but Christ, the living bread? “This is the bread that comes down from heaven, so that one may eat of it and not die.” Remember, weary pilgrims in this wilderness of sin, that you will never get a morsel to satisfy your spiritual hunger unless you find it in Him!

Christ is the solace of our life. All our true joys come from Him; and in times of trouble, His presence is our consolation. There is nothing worth living for but Him; and His loving-kindness is better than life!

Christ is the object of our life. As the ship speeds toward the port, so hurries the believer toward the haven of his Savior’s heart. As the arrow flies to its target, so the Christian flies toward the perfecting of his fellowship with Christ Jesus. As the soldier fights for his captain and is crowned in his captain’s victory, so the believer contends for Christ and gets his triumph out of the triumphs of his Master. “For [him] to live is Christ.”

Christ is the exemplar of our life. Where the same life is found inside, there will, there must be, to a great extent, the same developments outside; and if we live in close fellowship with the Lord Jesus we shall grow like Him. We will set Him before us as our divine example, and we will seek to follow in His footsteps, until He shall become the crown of our life in glory. How safe, how honored, how happy is the Christian since Christ is his life!

August 10, Morning Reading, in Morning and Evening, by Charles Spurgeon

Song List for Sunday
1. “O Great God,” by Sovereign Grace Music
2. “O Praise the Name,” Arr. by Shane & Shane
3. “Reign in Us,” Arr. by Shane & Shane
4. “Jesus, Thank You,” by Sovereign Grace Music


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